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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Hate the Cold...

You know, ever since I moved to New Mexico, people from back home call me and complain about how cold it is home, and how warm it must be here...It's not. It's bitter cold here, especially in the mornings, I know this because it's so cold that my car door actually was frozen shut and since I didn't know how to handle this, I wound up breaking my car door handle. So, the next time this happen, I came out prepared, with a pot of boiling water to pour over my door handle, of course it splattered on the windshield and caused icicles to form over the entire left side, but at least one door is still fully functional. Not that it matters that the door is fully functional when the temporary plates, glued to the back windshield, dated 11/15/07 are way past expired but now I wonder, does the door really have to open on the drivers side to pass inspection?

While we're on the subject of people on the East coast misjudging my "situation" here, I also do NOT live in Mexico. Yes, I'm sure my mother ran into you at the nail salon and told you that I was in Mexico. However, it's New Mexico. If I was in Mexico, I would be in an alley with a bottle of tequilla and a donkey out of reach from those back home.

We had our "holiday party" on Sat. for work, I say holiday party because it sounds dumb to say Christmas part when it's a week before February. I did manage to lose my shoes during the hotel after party which is most certainly the sign that I had a good time.