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Friday, November 30, 2007

Pay it Forward

There are many days when I don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning. I had almost lost faith in humanity and then it happened, the second flat tire I had that week came to pass and because of this, I restore my faith. I was having the worse week, financial problems mostly, and I went back to the tire place on my lunch and they told me that they had to replace the tire because it was to worn down to just patch it. I had no choice but to pay them $90.00 to replace it. They told me I needed four new tires but I told them that I can barely afford the one I have to replace today. While I was talking with the sales person, there was a man standing in the general are I was and getting work done himself, I walked outside and was upset, I felt homesick, and broke, and felt as if I was considering the fact that I maybe I made a mistake moving to Albuquerque.
I composed myself, and walked back into the tire place and sat down to wait and began to pray for a miracle. The man that was getting the work done was leaving and wished me a Merry Christmas on the way out. I wished him a Merry Christmas back and thought it was a bit odd that he would say that seeing as how it wasn't even December yet. After he left, the owner of the tire place came in and asked me if I had some more time to wait and I told him that I thought they were almost done, he then informed that the stranger that wished me a merry Christmas also bought me the other three tires that I needed and they were installing them! I started crying tears of joy and realized that at the miracle I prayed for had happened.
I wrote him a letter thanking him, and even though I'll probably never see him again, I'll never forget him. I told him that even thought I could never repay him, I would pay it forward one day and do for someone what he did for me.
Sometimes I think that hope is lost but then I'm reminded about all of the goodness that exists in our world. People spend so much time focusing on their own problems, and become self absorbed, when there is so much to be thankful for. We must always remember that every day angels, like the person that lets you pass in traffic when you're running late, or the man you don't even know that pays for your tires do exist, so don't give up because miracles DO happen.