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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And the saga continues...

In my life, there is never anything that goes smoothly and by now I am completely used to the fact that if there is something that needs to be done in my life, I should be ready for it to go horribly wrong. Case in point, I buy a car and during the test drive it runs so smooth and I feel so lucky because the guy wants to sell it for 1,950.00, I talked him down to 1,450.00 that includes 2 large sub-woofers, tweeters on the doors and tints on the windows.
Keep in mind, before I saw this car I had no idea what a sub woofer did but I learned quick when the guy who was selling me the car started blasting rap music to give me a demo and the car started shaking. Now that I have the car, I blast Dave Matthews Band and Alanis Morisette so people that pull up next to me at stoplights look over bewildered that I'm not Hispanic and there's no Reggatone but hey, I like to spice things up a little.
Anyway, the seller of the car signs the title on the wrong side and the MVD, not the DMV like on the east coast, tells me that I have to get the guy that sold me the car to come into the MVD with me and sign an affidavit that the car isn't stolen, which of course consists of me picking the guy up because he doesn't have a car and bringing him with me to the MVD. Next, I have this gorgeous townhouse that I absolutely love, they told me it was really new, I don't know what qualifies as "really new" here in AQ but the shower leaking, no water pressure in the shower for hot water, and the heat only warming the top floor of my apartment to the point where I have to shut it off because I could actually melt from the blast of heat that's being loudly flooded into the room, leads me to believe that "really new" means not so new.
I moved here for many reasons, one of the main ones being that I had to get away from the east coast because the fast paced environment was turning into chaotic anxiety for me on a daily basis. Here, on the West coast they have a "no worries" mentality and that's great, except when having to drive next to anyone that lives here. I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that there are 3 lanes all of which people drive at exactly the same speed (not ever exceeding 40 mph, even when the speed limit is 55). I get so frustrated and then I have to bring myself back to the "no worries" mentality that always reminds me I don't have to rush ANYWHERE here because time is not of the essence. However, because I'm from NJ, the state with one of the highest insurance premiums in the country, I still get really pissed that people here drive to sllllooooowwwllly.
Another thing that I've realized is that people here have a very skewed preconceived notion of what people from NJ are like. For instance, some of my colleagues think that I'm from the ghetto, there is even a few people that think I'm related to the Mafia, and although I'm Italian I unfortunately have no ties to anyone that can help me eliminate those very select few people that I would rather not exist, such as the guy that was driving 25 in a 50 the other day next to me....I'm trying to learn to Fuggedaboutit..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No, I did not make it to the balloon festival this weekend. I answer this question because apparently, inquiring minds in Albuquerque would like to know. Apparently, the balloon festival is the only thing in the Querque worth attending and everyone gathers annually from all over to come see the hot air balloons float over the beautiful New Mexico sky. A couple of things prevented me from attending the fair, the casualties for one scared the shit out of me. Yes, the casualties, apparently a person fell out of the balloon and onto the freeway (a 100 ft. drop) which for me kind of skewed the excitement I had about flying up in one of the pretty balloons only to fall to my death (however, what a cool story it would be if you lived to tell it). Nonetheless, the balloon festivities must be saved for another weekend. I decided to stay cooped up in my house this weekend and throw myself a pity party because I am trying to learn how to stay home and relax that is something I could never accomplish while in N.J. due to the fact that there was always something to do. Someone was always going through some dramatic life crisis and needed my guidance so I ran for these people, and I really don't think that they ever truly appreciated it.
Now, there is no where to run. My life consists of work and whatever I dvr'd for the week. I used to read book after book, I think I've lost interest in things that used to motivate me and and I don't know when exactly that happend but I do know I need to rediscover those things that interest me so I can at least stop watching tv. When I lived in NJ, I complained that it was dirty and stinky and that there was nothing to do and now I am in a place that is clean, and the air is so fresh and I don't leave my town house. I NEED SOME MOTIVATION PEOPLE!