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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Finally, got a real home!

So I finally got an apartment, and it's a huge relief to finally be out of corporate housing! Living off the company is a great thing but unfortunately, the apartment has a "hotelish" feel that's not at all welcoming. The apartment I am renting is amazing, it's an upstairs downstairs townhouse with brand new plush blue (my favorite color) carpeting and a fresh coat of paint. Let's not forget the new stainless steel refrigerator and the washer & dryer that's included! Also, the amenities, oh my, the amenities... The indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub, a full service gym and a racquetball court (not that I've ever played racquetball but hey maybe I will one day). All of these wonderful perks for less than $800.00 a month (that includes water and a coveted "reserved" parking space) and I only had to sign 7 month lease! I could have never had something like that on my own in New Jersey, the price for a town house there would be upwards of 1500.00 and there definitely wouldn't have been a washer and dryer included or a for that matter a fridge of any kind. Did I mention that I have a balcony?? Yes, sweet, I know and finally the first thing I can actually call mine, I have the electric bill in my name to prove it. This is actually the first time I am bragging about AQ since I got here on July 23rd. I remember getting out of the airport when i landed here initially in awe of the lack of humidity. It wasn't long before I found myself loving the west coast and really considering staying here for a while. Honestly, it's really hard sometimes because I get lonely and I think about missing seeing the water and the bridges while I went running on the east coast. The next step is getting rid of the rental car that I have named the "Green Demon"